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Primary Arcana  


      The Primary Arcana sprouted in the minds of its two grumpy authors in early 2020. The fertile ground that made this endeavor possible were the hallowed first editions of D&D and titles like DCC, Old-School Essentials, and Labyrinth Lord. We seek to rescue the experience of breaking through dungeons and cursed dungeons that we had, when we were young, in old school RPGs. This is how this independent project was born.  


      We are a 100% national product, with a Brazilian team of talented employees. We see the country as a power in the role-playing game and we made a point of having our pages created, reviewed and illustrated by great professionals here.

      The renaissance of roleplaying games showed us that we were not alone in the search for alternative ways to explore the endless horizon of the fantastic's stops. We built the structures on rigid pillars, simplicity of rules, agility at the table and the feeling of lethality within the game. We've created several classes, hundreds of spells, a lean set of rules and guidelines for both novice and experienced GMs.


      The scenario of table games, whether RPG or Board, is growing unprecedented. During a precarious time when we had to stay at home, the help of social networks and digital communication tools made this collective pastime even more popular and comforting. Arcana comes with the democratic proposal of making its Adventurer's Guide and Metaphysical Tome available, in the "pay what you think is fair" format for its PDF version.  


      Our rules are accessory tools for the GM to run the game. We have the idea of a living world, with intense and varied encounters, which are not there to satisfy the character's capacity, but to challenge the cunning of the players. In the Primary Arcana we are not unstoppable heroes, but desperate adventurers who leave the safety of a mundane routine to balance life and death in search of fortune. The medieval world is relentless. Disease, sorcery, and violent wild creatures threaten the miserable existence of those who lack power and wealth.   


      Although we are not completely alone in the Brazilian scenario, we bring a different proposal, combined with memorable precepts from the late Gary Gygax, creator of Dungeons & Dragons. Arcana provides players with options from the first level, across its various classes, and gives them the freedom to go beyond the rules in favor of dramatic moments and glorious action scenes.  


      The volumes feature a current design, hundreds of evocative illustrations and luxurious diagramming. At the end of the Adventurer's Guide is an adventure for characters from level 1 to 3, with several different monsters and environments, opportunities for maritime and exploration adventures, with a mystery story full of terrible antagonists and possible allies.  

      With the Primary Arcana in hand and the creativity of the table, endless adventures will be lived. Mystical grottoes and pestilent catacombs await the brave. Glory or death, into the unknown!  

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